Antitrust, competition and trade

Competition and antitrust laws around the world are evolving rapidly. Authorities are increasingly using a wide range of powers to investigate mergers, markets, cartels and other behavior. Our competition practice offers unrivaled expertise in international, EU and national competition law matters. We have a large, highly integrated team of leading experts in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the US, who work together across multiple locations on a daily basis. Our clients recognize that this sets us apart, so they come to us with their most significant matters. We are leaders in all aspects of competition law, including mergers, cartel investigations, abuse of dominance, state aid, follow on claims and stand-alone litigation. Visa.One is the only firm to have worked on the leading cases in all these areas.

Antitrust and competition

Agreements with other parties

We advise on the full range of possible antitrust/competition issues arising from commercial agreements between competitors, suppliers, distributors, customers and others.

Antitrust litigation

For many years we have been involved in almost every major European cartel case and numerous other high-profile antitrust claims, including in the US and across Asia.


Competition authorities worldwide continue to have strong and effective cartel enforcement as top of their priorities. 

Competition compliance

We have multi-jurisdictional experience in designing, implementing and monitoring comprehensive, tailor-made programs in this area.

Unilateral market conduct

If a company has high levels of market power, it can face allegations of practices that may be prohibited under antitrust/competition laws in most major jurisdictions.

State aid

We have extensive experience advising both governments and companies on state aid matters across a range of industry sectors.

Market and sector investigations

Industry-wide investigations by antitrust/competition authorities are increasingly common and often wide-ranging, lengthy and complex.

Merger control

Our competition and antitrust lawyers regularly combine their talents to help clients with international transactions that include merger control proceedings.

Public procurement

Since the EU introduced regulations governing public procurement, we have become a key provider of best practice and know-how in this area.

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